What if i have known allergies?

When buying products online it is very important to carefully read all ingredients and safety information before purchasing any products. In some cases we can remove any products that you are allergic to and replace with other products, however this is not always the case. Please contact us at earthblended@outlook.com prior to purchase to confirm.


Are earthblended products only for Mothers and Children?

No, our blends are for everyone. As a mother of three I mindfully created a large selection of our products with mothers & children in mind but have many customers that benefit from our blends who do not have children.


Are these blends okay to ingest or apply internally eg in the mouth for the teething blend?

No. all blends are for external use only - teething blend is to be applied to the outside on body along the jawline. DO NOT use internally or ingest any of our blends they are not for human consumption.


Are these oils safe in pregnancy?

Yes and no there are certain oils that should not be used during pregnancy. The only oil that comes in a few of our blends ( I am woman, Postpartum love and babys coming) should be avoided in pregnancy due to the oil CLARY SAGE and SAGE this oil can stimulate contractions and should only be used if NOT pregnant or in established labour.


Are these oils safe when breastfeeding?

Yes and no. Breastfeeding Mum's should only use oils that they are happy to use on their child/ren. It is anticipated that 1% of Essential Oils used will pass through the breast milk. It has also been known that Peppermint can decrease the milk supply of breastfeeding Mums, so remain cautious. Please read all ingredients and safety instructions. We do have a beautiful “get milked” blend that is very fast acting in boosting milk supply.


Where and how do i store my oil rollers and oil products?

It is important to store your oils in a cool dry place, upright with the lid screwed on tightly. It is Especially important in the warm weather avoid direct sunlight as this can effect your oils especially oils with clear glass- please take this into consideration when purchasing infused oils.


Can I use my adult blends on child/ren?

No, the only blends used on children under the age of 16 are the our child range. It is very important to have the correct ratio of oils to carrier oils when using essential oils with our little people. The dilution is very different from adult to child ~ it is important to select child’s age range at check out when purchasing rollers for babes to ensure the correct dilution ratio is applied.


What ages are roller blends available for ?

The products differ but the range of use can be suitable for the age of 3m and up.I like to advise waiting until 3 months of age in children, due to the sensitivity of newborns. Always read the safety instructions and the appropriate age bracket for each product.


Why can’t I use essential oil rollers under the age of 3m?

It is not recommended to use essential oils under the age of 3m due to the sensitivity of skin and the fact that each baby will take differently to each oil. Breastfed babies get the benefits of essential oils through the milk, 1% of an essential oil that a mother uses can be passed through to baby, but please always refer to safety information.


Is there any safety information we need to know before using any of the blends?

Some blends may have possible sun or skin sensitivity, and all products should avoid contact with the eyes. If pregnant or suffering with a medical condition you should always consult a general practitioner, if further concerned.


What happens in the unlikely event a reaction occurs?

In the unlikely event of any kind of reaction please discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Please always patch test when using any new products to avoid a reaction.


How long until I receive my earthblended products?

All blends are hand blended and uniquely packaged by a one woman show, so please allow up to 5-7 business days for your order to be posted. Any painting or other products may vary postage times check individual products for further information. We currently don't have an option for express postage but if the order is urgent please make note at check out


Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Ireland. If you are internationally and interested in our products please be sure to let us know so we can assess the demand for our products & reassess.


*PLEASE NOTE, Earth Blended holds no responsibility over any possible negative reactions to all of the ingredients used within any and all of our products. Patch testing is always recommended and if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. Please read all ingredients and safety information carefully and thoroughly. These holistic options are not to be replaced with professional medical advice. I am not a health professional and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. please consult your health professional to discuss your personal suitability*



For any further questions or information please don't hesitate to contact me.