eucalyptus and sage burning bundle

eucalyptus and sage burning bundle

Eucalyptus and sage floral/ crystal:

Hand made 10-15cm with Australian grown white sage, Eucalyptus handpicked on country and a beautiful dried burning bundle grown and dried in Australia, tied with a beautiful crystal stone and sari silk. We recommend removing crystal out before burning and leaving near door or window to keep encourage a positive flow.

Each stick will comes infused with frankincense oil.

As an acknowledgement to ancestral knowledge and cultures, please know that due to White Sage being an over harvested sacred plant that is part of unsustainable capitalism practices; this White Sage has been sourced from a wonderful Australian business that grows the plant themselves and is conscious with their efforts to produce it by hand; including the organic growing, the cutting, the tethering, the drying, the packing and with only a single harvest a year. The small business 'Sage Dreaming' operates on virgin farm land in the alpine region of Victoria, and only offers sales to businesses on a wholesale basis.

Also remember that the word “smudge” is an important part within traditional indigenous medicinal and ceremonial practices; which is specific to prayer... and that you can burn White Sage without calling it “smudgings." - written and love by the alternative mumma 

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